2308, 2019

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Living in Your Hotel

August 23rd, 2019|Cockroaches, Lodging and hospitality|

A cockroach’s lifespan and durability are astounding, if not downright mythical. Commonly known as “roaches,” they lived among dinosaurs 300 million years ago, survived nuclear radiation during World War 2, and developed immunity to countless [...]

2208, 2019

Bed Bugs: A Costly Souvenir

August 22nd, 2019|Bed Bugs, Blog, Pest Prevention Tips|

With the holidays fast approaching, our weekends are booked. Whether you’re traveling to a beach resort with your family or staying overnight at your relatives’ home, you run the risk of bringing home unwanted pests [...]

408, 2019

Are They Termites or Carpenter Ants?

August 4th, 2019|Blog, Termite Inspection, Termites|

Termites and carpenter ants are no joke, causing severe damage to your home. Both are small and well hidden, meaning they can go unnoticed for quite some time. These wood-destroying insects have some key differences, [...]

2606, 2019

Houston Backyard Mosquito Elimination and Prevention

June 26th, 2019|Blog|

If you live in the Houston area where mosquitoes like to swarm, then you know just how troublesome, annoying and itchy that these pests can be. Whether it’s just one or an entire flock, mosquitoes [...]

906, 2019

Cockroach Prevention In Houston

June 9th, 2019|Houston Pest Control|

Thirty species of cockroaches are known to exist in Texas. Thankfully, only a few are considered indoor pests. The vast majority live their entire lives outside, and that's just fine by us!

1005, 2019

What Are Crazy Ants, And How You Can Prevent Them?

May 10th, 2019|Ants, Houston Pest Control|

If you haven’t heard about crazy ants and you live in Texas, some might wonder if you’ve been living under a rock. But if that was the case, there’s a good chance you’ve become acquainted with crazy ants anyway! These pests have gotten everywhere, but only in the last decade. Here is some insight into the history of crazy ants in Texas.

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