A cockroach’s lifespan and durability are astounding, if not downright mythical. Commonly known as “roaches,” they lived among dinosaurs 300 million years ago, survived nuclear radiation during World War 2, and developed immunity to countless pesticides in the new millennium. They’ve become one of nature’s most resilient creatures due to their almost impenetrable exoskeleton, which can support almost 900 times its body weight without experiencing damage. Engineers are even designing search-and-rescue robots to mimic the cockroach’s durability. Think again before you attempt to squash one under your boot.

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While a scientific marvel, the cockroach presents several problems to hoteliers in attempting to appease guests and maintain a sterling reputation. Ridding your hotel of a cockroach infestation can be especially difficult, so today we give you a thorough examination of this pest and how you can arm yourself against a seemingly impenetrable force.

The Dangers of the Cockroach in Hotels

There are over 4,000 species of roaches, only four of those really cause problems for hotel owners. The most fatal roach found in hotels is the German cockroach commonly located in Texas. It ranges between ½ to 5/8 inches in length, has a brown or tan exterior characterized by two stripes along its body, and scurries at a 60cm/second place. Cockroaches are considered “thigmotropic,” meaning they seek out habitats where solid surfaces meet all sides of their bodies. Therefore, one often finds cockroaches lodged between refrigerators or along a building’s piping system.

Roaches are unsightly creatures with a musty odor and visible to the human eye, so it’s no wonder hotel guests revile their presence. The sight of a roach will absolutely send a guest right to your lobby demanding a refund due to uncleanliness.

Not only is your reputation at stake, but your guests may be at risk due to a cockroach presence in the building. Their carcasses and eggs have been shown to trigger reactions in certain individuals, aggravating allergies and triggering asthma attacks. Moreover, a cockroach’s skin can hold 25 unique disease-producing bacteria, which they can easily transmit through your food shipments, kitchen, and continental buffet.

Kitchens and continental buffets are the most common areas to find roaches, however, unlike other pests, the cockroach is a master of frugality. It can feast on book bindings or clothing, drink toilet water, or consume any decaying matter. Upon taking root in your building and scavenging on all available materials, they’ll produce 48 offspring every 20-25 days. A single cockroach in your hotel could be the sign of a much larger health problem to you and your guests.

What Experts Can Do and Assist With

Cockroaches demand professional attention! Whether you’re developing an action plan or in the midst of an infestation, a pest management expert will be your first point of contact in handling cockroaches.

  1. Experts with years of experience will thoroughly examine your building’s structure and interior to pinpoint the cockroach’s location of infestation or will implement steps towards preventing one.
  2. A trained specialist will help you place bait stations in strategic locations, spot feces and egg casings, and act as a first respondent if an infestation becomes unmanageable.
  3. Exterior alterations will be identified, as cockroaches can crawl through openings as small as 3mm.
  4. Once exterior alterations are assessed and addressed, examining weather stripping alongside doors, especially those near dumpsters or food preparation areas, should be filled.
  5. Any caulking and sealing of cracks may need to be filled by you prior to the expert’s examination and reviewing of those segments of the building.

Being the most frugal insect, cockroaches pose a severe threat by aggravating allergies, triggering asthma attacks, and holding 25 unique disease-producing bacteria. To protect those staying in your hotel, and your hotel from providing a refund due to uncleanliness, contact Holder’s today for more information on cockroach control, or for a roach exterminator.