With the beginning of a new year everyone is starting out strong in an effort to stick to those resolutions for a healthier lifestyle. Among the many popular resolutions are things like get to the gym more, eat healthier and save up for a vacation. But did you know that just as important as your own health is the health of your home? We’re talking about a home that is free of the damages and health risks associated with insect and rodent infestations.

This year we want to remind residents in Houston how to maintain a pest free home. And hey, this is a resolution that does not require a gym pass! But it will take a little time and work to ensure that your home is properly pest proofed to keep out unwanted house guests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants and the many other insects and wildlife found in Texas. Read on to learn our simple pest proofing tips to help keep your home pest free in 2013 and beyond!

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Sealed home: The best way to avoid pests getting into your home is to seal off entry points. This includes cracks, holes or crevice as well as vents and areas where utilities enter. Inspect the outside of the home and apply caulking or durable mesh screens to any openings (this includes vents).

No clutter: A major reason that pest infestations get out of hand so quickly is that they are good at hiding. Clutter only enhances their ability to hide and thus pests become a bigger problem. Letting cardboard boxes, newspapers, bags of clothing and other personal belongings pile up in storage areas will only provide rodents and other pests the perfect place to nest.

No standing water: This includes leaky pipes, clogged gutters, and objects on the property that collect with water. Any source of standing water, both inside and outside the home, will attract pests and could become the breeding grounds for insects like mosquitoes.

Year round pest control services: Unfortunately pest problems are a year round occurrence and if you have not already signed up for a year round pest control plan, now is the time! Seasonal inspections and treatments identify and resolve pest infestations before they become a serious issue inside your home.

At Holder’s Pest Solutions our Total Home Pest Protection is a home pest control plan that includes year round inspections and treatments when necessary so that you can relax knowing that your home and property are protected from the threat of pests. To learn more about how you can stay pest free in 2013 (and consider one of your New Year’s resolutions complete), simply contact us today!