Most people think that meadow voles are a summer problem. These pests (also called meadow mice, or just simply ‘voles’) are small mammals that are known for causing damage to lawns and vegetation. In Texas, meadow voles are a problem even in the winter. Meadow voles in Texas don’t hibernate, so they can continue to cause problems for Texas homeowners even during the cooler months of the year.

What can be done about meadow voles? Here are some helpful tips from the Houston pest control professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions:

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  • Because meadow voles do a lot of burrowing underground (and even under snow cover), you can limit their damage by burying hardware cloth cylinders around seedlings and young trees. The mesh should be ¼ of an inch in size and buried at least 6 inches to keep voles from burrowing under them.
  • Eliminate weeds and ground cover around crops and lawns to reduce the ability of voles to survive on your property.
  • Till your soil; this can destroy existing runway-burrow systems while removing cover; it will also kill some voles immediately.

Although these tips are helpful to many, vole control is best left to the pros. Voles are a pest problem that very few people can successfully eradicate without professional assistance, so if you have signs of voles or other rodents on your property, contact the Temple pest control pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions.

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