Termites cause billions of dollars in damage to homes across the country. These pests are often referred to as the silent destroyers because they work unseen for months, or sometimes even years, before property owners notice them. Unfortunately, when most homeowners do find termites, they have already caused major damage. Because of their stealth-like ways, it is very important to consider getting regular termite inspections to protect your home and property from costly termite damages.

Signs of a termite infestation may not be noticed within the first few weeks, or even months, depending on the size of the colony. If there is a mature colony silently invading your home though, eventually you will notice signs. Signs of a termite infestation include:

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  • Mud tubes- Subterranean termites create mud tubes just under the ground to travel back and forth from their colony to food sources (wood). If termites are present on your property you may notice these mud tubes running towards your home’s foundation.
  • Damaged wood- Eventually wood in your home will start to appear cracked and splintered on the outside. Ceilings, flooring and doorways will become warped looking.
  • Mud on wood surfaces- Termites use a saliva mud mixture to fix any holes that they create so you may see these mud spots in the case of a termite infestation.
  • Termite Swarms- Usually in the spring and summer, winged reproductive members will fly from the colony to find a mate and create a new colony. They leave behind their wings in piles underneath doors, windows, and on the ground. This can help homeowners detect that a termite colony is nearby.

Since it can take a long time for a termite infestation to be noticed, your best bet for preventing and treating an infestation is to involve a professional. A termite inspection includes a thorough review of your home and property by a state certified inspector. They will be able to determine if termites are active in your home or on your property. If it has been determined that termites are a problem, treatment can immediately begin. At Holder’s, we can treat by either baiting the insects, or through more traditional liquid barrier treatment methods. We will work with you to determine which will work best for your individual situation. Our technicians will then provide you with continued protection through a yearly, contracted inspection to prevent another termite invasion.

Termites are very difficult to prevent, but in addition to professional pest control services, there are some things you should do around your home to help deter termites from choosing your property for their next family gathering. Termites are drawn to moisture and wood that has had previous water damage so make sure that there no standing areas of water on your property, and any wood that has had water damage is replaced. Also make sure that your gutters are in working order and directing water away from your home’s foundation. Remove piles of leaves, fallen trees and other organic debris from areas located near your home; and keep soil to wood contact to a minimum in wooden structure located on your property.

Don’t leave whether or not termites invade your property up to chance, contact the professional’s at Holder’s to learn more about termite inspections and Houston termite control options!