Taking ants to a whole new level of nuisance is the erratic behavior of a species called Rasberry crazy ants. Named after a Texas exterminator, Tom Rasberry, these ants truly are crazy both in name and as a pest. While they may only be about 1/8 of an inch in size, there are many reasons why homeowners do not want crazy ants problems and why they are doing everything they can to avoid an infestation of crazy ants.

Rasberry crazy ants can be identified by their reddish-brown color and their erratic foraging techniques. This species of ant does not follow a trail as many other ant species do, thus making them appear to be crawling all over the place and much harder to control. And not only are they “crazy”, but here are some of the more serious concerns with having an infestation of crazy ants:

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  • They can transmit harmful pathogens
  • Their bites can be painful
  • An infestation can cause electrical circuits to short circuit
  • They may render equipment useless
  • Can displace other animals

Clearly, this is not the kind of ant you want to find in your home. There are a few ways that you can prevent crazy ants from infesting your property and perhaps moving inside. But keep in mind if these preventative measures are not enough, you will want to contact pest control pros right away to eradicate the problem.

In order to prevent Rasberry crazy ants, here are some tips from the experts at Holder’s Pest Solutions:

  • Remove unnecessary objects from the property which could be used to nest crazy ants.
  • When doing yard work or landscaping projects, watch the mulch you are spreading as it could transfer an infestation and make the problem even worse.
  • Be sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed so that ants cannot enter through small cracks or holes.

If you have identified Rasberry crazy ants on your property or inside of your home, be sure to contact us right away! Since this particular species of ant exhibits such different or strange behavior, attempts to get rid of them on your own are not usually effective. Trust the team at Holder’s to provide safe and effective pest solutions to not only get rid of crazy ants but also help to prevent future infestations. Give us a shout today!