Just as our society is going green with reusable bags, hybrid cars and energy efficient appliances, the vast world of pest control is following suit. Or should we say, the vast world of pest control has been going green for quite some time now. The reason that we are so into the idea of green pest control is because it benefits both those receiving pest control services and the environment as a whole. In fact, that is why we have designed the Holder’s Pest Solutions Green Program for superior pest protection with a minimal eco-footprint.

The Green Program is a way to both minimize the use of pesticides and the chances of a pest infestation. How do we do this? Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is the basis of our green pest control program. If you have not yet heard about IPM, it is a long-term pest control program in which we work to prevent pest infestations before they strike. By preventing pests through education, inspections, monitoring and exclusion techniques, we can greatly reduce the need for pest exterminations that require a large amount of pesticides.

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While some cases do require the use of pest control treatments, many times pest problems can be stopped before they start. There are many IPM techniques that home and business owners can implement to help in pest exclusion efforts. And we assure you they are easier and less costly than purchasing a gas efficient car!

  • Keep doors, windows and loading docks closed off as much as possible. Use screens or flaps to help prevent a wide open space for pests like roaches, flies, or even rodents to gain access.
  • Take the trash out of the facility each night and be sure that it gets stored in bins with tight closing lids that are located far away from the exterior of the facility. Pests love trash!
  • Close off any cracks, holes or other openings on the exterior of the facility so that pests cannot sneak inside. Caulking and pest proofing screens are good options.
  • Repair any leaky pipes inside or outside of the business as moisture and water are both ways to attract pests.
  • Keep the inside clean of any food debris including spills, crumbs, or leftovers. Food is a gold mine to pests and should always be cleaned up right away. Also, keep food surfaces disinfected to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Of course there are many more ways that you can help to prevent pest infestations from occurring, which is why we recommend businesses in Houston and the surrounding areas to sign up for Holder’s green pest control services for long-term pest control. Did you know that we even reduce the amount of paper we use with our RapidTrax™handheld technology? Bottom line is that there is nothing worse for your business than the negative effects of a pest infestation. Why not save the environment and your reputation at the same time! Give us a call today to learn more.