Pest birds can be dangerous, inconvenient and have an overall negative impact on businesses. Pigeons are undoubtedly the most troublesome pest birds for business owners and property managers. Houston pest control issues are magnified anytime there is an influx of these pest birds throughout the greater Houston area. These pesky pigeons will often nest in or around buildings, breeding year round and creating constant problems.

The sight of an infestation of pigeons on top of commercial buildings leaves an unpleasant feeling with clients and customers. This negative reaction is due to the many problems associated with pigeon infestations, and it is certainly not good for business. Bird droppings are not only unsightly, but they can also pose serious liability risks and can lead to dangerous incidents of people slipping and falling. Another safety and health hazard with bird droppings, is that they often carry diseases. Many of which can be spread to humans. Pigeon feces contain spores and can cause airborne illness, disease and other health problems. A third issue with bird droppings, is that the acid in the waste will cause steel and other construction materials to wear down.

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Pest birds can also introduce additional pest problems by being carriers of mites, fleas and ticks. It doesn’t take long for business owners and property managers to see the negative impact pigeons have on their business and realize the need for commercial bird control. Bird control will not only protect employees and customer, but also the business’s product and brand.

Removal of pigeons and cleanup of their waste poses health risks to the workers involved and any passersby. Holder’s Pest Solutions knows how to mitigate those risks, and has provided quality pest control services for more than 65 years to businesses throughout the Houston metro area. We realize the pressures experienced by commercial facilities in today’s business environment, and encourage you to take advantage of our industry leadership and unparalleled quality services.

At Holder’s, we are committed to eliminate the threat that pigeons and other pests pose to you, your employees and customers. Our successful, industry-leading methods of pest management include the use of mechanical exclusion, dispersing agents and habitat modification. Our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with your business by providing the best service and protecting your brand.

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