A hospital is a place of healing, and it is the responsibility of healthcare professionals to provide an environment that is clean and safe. This is why more and more hospitals are turning to pest control companies that implement modern Integrated Pest Management strategies to solve pest issues. IPM is a cleaner, safer, and more eco-friendly approach to controlling dangerous germ spreaders, like cockroaches, mice, rats, pigeons, flies, and mosquitoes. This is what IPM looks like in a healthy hospital, courtesy of your pest care professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions who have been servicing the needs of the healthcare industry since 1947.

  1. IPM begins with communication and documentation. A strong professional structure is the key to monitoring and tracking pest activity.
  2. Specially trained IPM technicians are needed to assess all pest threats, and administer the appropriate natural deterrent measures.
  3. IPM focuses on sanitation, structural modifications, and education to control invasive pests and provide a pest-free environment for staff, patients, and other guests.
  4. Sealed exterior walls and close monitoring allows IPM technicians to locate pests quickly and respond appropriately.
  5. If pesticides are used they are least-toxic and EPA approved. Companies like Holder’s realize that hospitals have a large variety of patients with many different conditions. Successful IPM creates an environment that’s pest-free, as well as toxin-free.
  6. IPM keeps pests out of every area of a hospital, especially critical care environments.
  7. IPM focuses on mattress covers to stop the spread of bed bugs; proper sanitation methods to keep flies from breeding; control of food storage to reduce rodents and cockroaches; and natural deterrents to keep pigeons from roosting.

The natural exclusion and deterrence of pests through modern IPM ensures a safer, cleaner environment with zero pests. Studies show that this environment fosters higher productivity and increased revenue. And, when you have a company as experienced as Holder’s Pest Solutions, they make life easier for all facility personnel. The transition to modern Integrated Pest Management is easier than you think. Get your plan in place, and see what a cutting edge pest company can do for your facility.

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