Technology can be a pretty amazing thing. Such is the case with Doppler radar. Doppler is used to monitor cloud cover and rain potential. It is so sensitive that it can tell how heavy or light the rain will be, if there is lightening or hail in the storm, or if there is a rotation indicating a tornado. Radar can detect wildfire smoke, bird migrations, and even bats. Amazing! But, did you know that it can also detect bugs. That’s right, bugs!

On Wednesday July 22, a strange sight appeared on the Doppler over a region of Texas. It was a huge span of what seemed like rain clouds, but there were no clouds. One call to the rangers at Copper Breaks State Park confirmed that what the radar was picking up was actually a swarm of grasshoppers and beetles. These flying pests were flying between the ground and 2500 ft. in an area as large as 50 miles. The swarms were not large enough to be considered of Biblical proportions, and actually couldn’t be seen by ‘the naked eye’ because the insects were all flying at different elevations – but the Doppler radar is so sensitive that it could pick up this strange phenomenon.

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Although this technology is relatively new, the fight against these swarming pests and the diseases they can transmit is not. There are a few things you can do to help make your environment less attractive to these germy little swarmers.

  • Keep your yard free from trash and debris – especially rotting moist wood

  • Keep mulch and greenery at least 15 inches from your foundation

  • Use gutters and downspouts to funnel water away from your home

  • Ventilate attics, basements and crawl spaces to eliminate moisture buildup

  • Keep overhanging tree branches trimmed back from roof and eaves

  • Make sure to plug up any entrance points around your foundation especially entrance points for pipes and utilities

  • Inspect your property regularly for signs that these creatures may have invaded your environment

Whether you are dealing with swarms of grasshoppers or beetles, mosquitoes, termites or ants; quality pest control is the only way to manage these unwanted insects. All of the swarming insects have one thing in common –they are very hard to eradicate on your own. They are experts at evading detection, and usually make their homes in out-of-the-way hard-to-reach areas. The fact is that over-the-counter sprays often just don’t have the penetration to find these creatures and destroy them all – and if you don’t get them all then they will just repopulate in no time.

When you are faced with a battle against swarming pests be sure to call on a professional like Holder’s Pest Solutions to help. Holder’s has been leading the fight against insects and other pests since 1947. With an emphasis on quality, consistency, collaboration and a respect for the environment, Holder’s can be trusted to safely and effectively eliminate whatever is swarming around you!