Many people believe that Do-It-Yourself pest management remedies are the best way to handle pests. While some people may be successful, others may find the task a lot more challenging than expected. Technician Walter Parada, from Holder’s Pest Solutions, discusses the many reasons why you should turn to a professional pest control provider for all of your pest-related needs.

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Interviewer: So in your opinion, why is it better to hire a pest control company than to do it yourself?

Technician: Because we do inspections and we see a pest, and what kind of pest. Every pest requires a different kind of treatment. A homeowner would buy something off a shelf and it won’t work for that particular pest. Like for fleas or fire ants, you have to use different kinds of materials and we usually do that and we know the biology of the pest and get more detail with the pest and familiar with them.