Gone are the days of relying solely on pesticides to address pest issues. Where they do still play a crucial role, in the world of integrated pest management, the role has significantly minimized. Environmentally-conscious pest control providers like Holder’s Pest Solutions rely a lot more on inspection and understanding pest habits during their services than they do applying products. Learn more about pesticide use indoors from Technician Joe Gonzales.

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Interviewer: So can you tell me why a client won’t always see you apply a product inside their building?

Technician: It’s more of an inspection instead of getting into the habit of just going in and spraying. If there’s no activity in there, there’s really no reason to be putting down any pesticides.

Interviewer: So pesticides are only used when there’s an obvious issue or something to directly prevent?

Technician: Yeah, you can use it as a preventive, but we have other measures as well as far as baits. It’s not always necessary to spray them.

Interviewer: Okay. What are some of the other things a client can do to prevent pests and to avoid overuse of products in their facility?

Technicians: I’d say one of the biggest things is maintenance around the building. For example, door sweeps. Make sure that they got proper door sweeps on their doors that prevent pests from entering the building.