Houston is known to house a variety of different pests. Homeowners throughout the state of Texas have grown accustomed to their existence, but there are plenty of practices that can be done to prevent pests in your home. Walter Parada, technician at Holder’s Pest Solutions, discusses what you can do to prevent mosquitoes, fruit flies and cockroaches from swarming your yard or breaking an entry.

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Interviewer: So what are some tips that you give your clients to help them prevent pests?

Technicians: Here in Houston it would be mosquitoes, so I ask a lot of clients to go ahead and check for standing water. Go ahead and turn over the little kiddy pools for the kids or anything potted plants. Make sure that they throw out the water. Any standing water would be a breeding place for mosquitoes. So that’s an easy tip for any homeowner to give them and eliminate some of the mosquitoes.

Interviewer: So what are some examples that you have for indoor pests that people can do to prevent them in their home or business?

Technicians: First, a common one is fruit flies because of their disposal. They don’t clean out their disposals. It’s a good idea to make sure there’s no food inside the disposal. Maybe run a cup of ice in there, turn on the disposal to break down the food particles in the disposal. That helps. And also around your plumbing, your pipes. Make sure they’re sealed so you don’t get any American cockroaches, which is common in Houston. You get those big American cockroaches come through the cracks of the pipes in the wall underneath the sinks. So that’s two tips that you could use.

Interviewer: Sounds great!