You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Reputation is the lifeblood of a business, and whether your business is food or paper clips, pests can hurt your image, and taint your brand.

Insects, rodents, and birds give the following impression:

  • This business is dirty. The last thing a client or customer wants to see is a roach crawling on the wall. Whether they voice their disgust or not, this will leave them with a less than savory memory of their visit.
  • This building feels rundown or abandoned. Having ants along your walkway, insects fluttering around your entrance, or birds nesting on your exterior sills, is as bad as leaving the lights off and having no sign that says open. Even if your business doesn’t rely upon an inviting storefront, this is the first impression you will leave with your clients or customers.
  • This company is failing. Like a weather-worn sign, or a burnt out letter, bugs give the impression that you’re not able to keep up with things. You may dazzle them when they get inside, but this first impression will be hard to shake.

Pests hurt businesses

  • Termites and ants cause structural damage to buildings, that can cost thousands to repair. Slanted door frames, and half eaten exteriors are unsightly, and bad for business.
  • Mice chew holes, gnaw on wires, and contaminate food. If you own a restaurant or a warehouse that stores food, this pest can have a ripple effect on your business.
  • Cockroaches spread disease and bacteria, and their presence in any business is a repellent to customers.
  • A flock of ducks might be nice and welcoming, but pigeons can leave a disgusting mess on your front walkway, and give the impression that your building is in disrepair.

The solution is simple

Hire a company with over 60 years of experience protecting the reputation of businesses, one that implements modern Integrated Pest Management techniques to customize a plan that makes your business uninviting to bugs and wildlife. Commercial pest management is a team effort, and Holder’s Pest Solutions works closely with businesses to seal exterior walls, implement exclusion methods, and teach common-sense practices that deter animals and insects. You’ve worked hard to build your reputation, let us help you put in place a pest control plan that is smarter, and greener, than your competitor’s – a plan that shows your client or customer that your business is on track.

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