It’s true, there really is an ant species called rasberry crazy ants. Named after a local exterminator from Pasadena, TX, Tom Rasberry discovered rasberry crazy ants in 2002. Despite their odd name, this species of ant can be a serious problem for many homeowners as they are tricky to get rid of. And they are spreading to Texas homes quickly! Originally found in the southeast part of Texas, rasberry crazy ants are multiplying and spreading at an alarming rate.

Rasberry crazy ants can be identified as small reddish-brown ants that are only about 1/8 of an inch in length, but they have extremely long legs and antennae compared to other species of ants. Like many other ants they are found foraging kitchens for food and water. They will eat pretty much anything including grease and sweets, whatever is accessible in your kitchen.

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But what makes crazy ants different and contributes to their name is that rasberry crazy ants do not forage for food in well-formed trails like other ant species. They have an erratic and “crazy” behavior as they are looking for food. So you will not find ants marching in a line when it comes to the crazy ants. Instead they are just all over the place trying to locate the food supply.

Rasberry crazy ants are difficult to get rid of not only because of their erratic behavior, but many of the traditional methods of ant control do not work on crazy ants. Because they typically nest outdoors, baits are not effective and even the store bought ant control sprays have not been successful in eliminating crazy ants. Also, many will nest underground or inside of hollowed out trees which can make identification of the colony more difficult as there are no obvious mounds of dirt or soil as with many other ant colonies.

If you have noticed that the ants are going crazy inside or outside of your Houston home you very well could be hosting a colony of rasberry crazy ants. To successfully get rid of the ant problem, please contact the TX experts in pest control at Holder’s Pest Solutions.