We’ve all had a run in with a few ants around the home and while that is annoying, when ants and other pests infest healthcare facilities the threat level increases. Pharaoh ants are one of the most commonly found species infesting hospitals and other healthcare facilities in Houston and throughout Texas.

Pharaoh ants can be identified by their pale yellow to red colored bodies and almost black abdomens. They prefer areas that are warm and with high humidity and often require artificial heat in order to survive. Food is another survival necessity and while pharaoh ants prefer sweets, they will eat just about anything including meat and dead insects if it is available to them. The result? Hospitals and other healthcare facilities that offer a great source of heat, moisture, and food become a major target for pharaoh ants to form a colony.

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There are many threats associated with ant infestations in hospitals and other healthcare facilities including:

  • the spread of different diseases by contaminating food
  • contaminating sterilized hospital equipment and supplies
  • gives an appearance of an unsanitary facility
  • can disturb hospitalized patients

Clearly, no pest infestation is acceptable in a healthcare facility but with such small insects as ants, control can become very difficult. It is advised that healthcare facilities follow these tips in order to help prevent the spread of ant infestations throughout the business:

  1. Apply caulking to any holes or gaps on the exterior of the building
  2. If there are any open windows or doors they need to be secured with a screen that contains no holes or tears
  3. Keep all open food products stored safely in containers with lids to keep any insects from getting in
  4. Practice proper sanitation and disinfect food surfaces before and after each use
  5. Always maintain regular pest control services to protect the exterior and interior of the facility from pest infestations

If pests are a problem in your facility, Holder’s trusted pest control solution designed for specifically for hospitals and the healthcare industry is the ideal solution. Providing commercial pest control services in the Greater Houston area, we are ready to help you maintain a pest free facility. Please contact us today for more information!