Meadow voles are small, compact furry small mammals that are also commonly referred to as meadow mice, field mice or voles that are found living throughout the United States. Whatever you call them, one thing is for certain, you do not want these furry pests invading your property. The pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions want to provide you with some information about these pests and what steps you should take if they have decided to make your lawn their new home!

Meadow voles range in length from between 5-8 inches, this includes their tail. They have fur that is blackish to grayish brown in color, is coarse in texture and covers their tail. Their bodies are short with an overall “chubby” appearance; their legs are also short in length. They have small black eyes and ears that are partially hidden in their fur. Meadow voles living on your property is not necessarily a threat to your home since they generally live outside and rarely enter into homes, but they are a major threat to your lawn, gardens, and landscaping.

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You may first discover that you are having a problem with meadow voles by noticing the small round tunnels that they create in your lawn or the “runways” that they create while traveling over your lawn. Along with the tunnels, you may notice damage to your grass, herbaceous plants, bulbs, trees, and other landscaping as they feed. Meadow voles reproduce very quickly with some properties having more than a hundred voles living on it all at once. They are active year-round, even tunneling through your grass when the ground is covered with snow.

If you see a meadow vole or see signs of meadow vole activity in your yard, you should immediately contact a pest control specialist. This is not a pest where DIY pest control methods are at all effective. While meadow voles may look harmless to you, the amount of damage that they can do to a property can be quit extensive and expensive. Professionals will be able to inspect your property, humanely eliminate the meadow vole population, and put into place a routine-inspection plan to prevent future problems with meadow voles and other pests.

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