Just when you thought you had control on the pests from last season, May arrives and brings a whole host of new pest problems to Texas. Although Texas proves to have warmer weather than many other states year round, pest activity is often seasonal and with that in mind the the pest control professionals at Holder’s Pest Solutions would like to shed some light on which pests to watch out for in May.

Carpenter ants – All ants can be a nuisance during the spring time when they are back out foraging for food in many kitchens. But carpenter ants are a more serious problem when it comes to pest invaders because these guys are looking for wood to carve galleries into and create their colonies. Although they prefer moist, decaying wood to take over, the structures of your facility including all of the wood products are at risk for becoming infested and damaged with carpenter ants.

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Termites – These wood destroying insects form colonies underground and then travel through mud tunnels to reach wood structures in order feed on the cellulose in wood. Termites can take over and leave endless structural damage. Even worse, their damage can go undetected for a long period of time as termites work from the inside out when consuming wood.

Stinging insects – You may begin to notice an increase in activity from wasps, yellow jackets, and hornets as the weather heats up. Stinging insects form their nests in many places including trees, shrubs, eaves, and even inside of facilities if they can gain access. Although not aggressive by nature, most stinging insects will attack when they feel threatened and some people are at risk for severe allergic reactions from stings.

Due to the business image reputation at stake as well as many health codes, it is extremely important that businesses remain proactive when it comes to pest control. Preventative measures alone may not be enough to keep stubborn pests away. Although cleanliness and sanitation practices should always be intact, it is best to also have a routine pest control service for your business or facility in order to be sure that you are not going to have any surprise visits from spring pests.

Holder’s Pest Solutions offers quality pest control services to many commercial facilities throughout Texas. In order to help protect your Houston facility from the threat of these new pest problems, contact us today. Rather than waiting to see if the pests strike this season, it is best to remain proactive in order to protect your image, facility, employees, and customers.