""Active termite infestations can be difficult to detect. Although termite activity peaks in the spring and summer, they are active all year round. All they need to survive is moisture, wood and warmth.

One of the first signs that termites may be entering your facility is small flying insects hovering near windows or doors and discarded wings. Termites swarm to find a new nesting location, so if you can catch termites at this stage, you can save yourself a lot of headaches and expense.

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Mud shelter tubes on crawl space piers, utility penetrations or on foundation walls and slabs are a sign of termite infestation. Subterranean termites need constant exposure to moisture, so as they begin tunneling from the earth to the source of wood in your facility, they will construct mud tubes around their paths to maintain security and moisture. Termite shelter tubes can blend in well with the soil or concrete, making them difficult to see.

Some of the other signs that may indicate termites would be finding damage they have already caused to your facility:

  • Floor Damage – Flooring may blister or snag in areas. Checking underneath the flooring will help you determine if the changes are due to termite activity. Floors may also feel spongier and spring more than usual.
  • Ceiling & Wall Damage – Cracks in your internal walls or on ceilings and cornices.
  • Foundation Damage – Although termites do not eat concrete, they are able to squeeze through cracks to gain access to wooden floor joints.
  • Sticking Windows/Doors – Doors may become difficult to open as termites habits make the door and window frames misshapen, thus causing difficulty opening and closing windows and doors.
  • Outdoor Wood Damage – Decking and wooden fence posts are at great risk for termites. You may see the wood begin to decay or it may sound hollow when tapped.
  • Damaged Roof Tiles – Excess moisture in your facility due to loose, broken, or damp roof tiles may attract termites and allow them further inside.
  • Damaged Wood – Termite-damaged wood is not easy to identify and can be hidden under a simple coat of paint.

Keep out for these telltale signs of termites. For more tips and tricks on keeping termites out of your commercial facility, download Holder’s Pest Solutions free e-book, “The Impact of Termites on Commercial Facilities”, here.