For many businesses one of the seemingly worst pest problems to encounter are rodents. Mice and rats can have a negative impact on your business’s image and reputation and should be avoided. For business owners in Houston, if your facility has seen any rodent activity or if you would like to stay proactive, Holder’s Pest Solutions would like to offer some tips to keep a rodent free facility.

There are many problems with having rodents inside your commercial environment. The common rodents to cause problems in Texas facilities are the Norway rat, deer mouse, and house mouse. These pests lead to such problems as:

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  • Contamination of surfaces (especially in food industries)
  • Damage to structures and materials
  • Spread of diseases and bacteria to employees and customers
  • Turning away of customers
  • Fear in employees and customers

In order to avoid the threat of rodents, there are some precautions that owners and managers should take to be sure that there are no run-ins with the mice or rats. The following are rodent prevention tips:

  • Keep all surfaces clean and disinfected, especially food surfaces
  • Wipe up all crumbs and spills as they happen to avoid attracting rodents
  • Take trash out regularly and keep it stored away from the facility
  • Seal of all exterior cracks and holes that rodents could use an entry way
  • Make sure to keep windows and doors closed unless they have screens

If your efforts to control rodents are not enough and you have spotted a mouse or a rat in your Texas facility, it is important to contact Holder’s Pest Solutions right away. Our experienced service team will be able to inspect your facility and find the best business solution to be sure that your existing rodent problem is gone and that you are equipped with ways to prevent future infestations.