It is easy to see that pigeons are bad for business. They nest on ledges, leave their droppings everywhere, and deface your storefront. But there are hidden dangers to having these birds around, and that is why it is open season on pigeons in every major city in the United States.

Pigeons are sometimes referred to as “flying rats”–and for good reason. The foraging habits of these birds brings them into some of the nastiest places, where they get bacteria on their feathers and in their bellies. This bacteria makes their droppings a contaminant, and their presence a health hazard. The CDC even labels pigeons as a vector for diseases, like salmonella, histoplasmosis, ornithosis, pseudotuberculosis, and the bird flu. That is why it is important to discourage these birds from hanging around.

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How to keep the pigeons away

Spikes are a great deterrent. Well placed spikes will keep pigeons from roosting on your ledges. You can purchase these long, thin spike devices online, or make some yourself, using wood and nails. But, be sure to do some research about how to place them properly, or get a professional to install them. Pigeons are remarkably adaptable, and it is not uncommon to see a pigeon standing happily on a spike covered ledge, or to see it nesting neatly between two rows of spikes. Find a professional with a track record for getting rid of pigeons, so the installation is effective. Then, when those pigeons fly from ledge to ledge, they will realize that your business is not a place to build a home, or congregate with friends.

How to remove a pigeon infestation

If you have pigeons infesting your business, removing them is not a do-it-yourself project. There are many hazards involved in handling and cleansing pigeon droppings. Pigeon droppings can carry over 60 different diseases, many of which can be spread by inhalation. Call a pest management company. Not only is it safe, but they’ll walk you through things, like exclusion installations, structural modifications, and flock dispersion.

If you live in the Houston area, Holder’s Pest Solutions is a great choice. They use modern Integrated Pest Management techniques, to not only remove infestations, but show you how to keep pigeons from choosing your business in the future.

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