On Wednesday, August 16th through Thursday, August 17th Houston will be holding its Build Exposition at the Houston NRG Center.

The Build Exposition is a place where people in the building and construction industry – anyone from architects to property managers – can meet potential buyers and developers in the area and discover all that is up and coming in Houston. It is also a place where tools, products, and services are featured – which can be essential in completing a project successfully.

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Holder’s Pest Solutions will be on-site to talk to attendees on the benefits of pest control early on in the construction process. As a pest control company, we know how much insects, particularly termites, can ruin a project – often with little time to remedy the situation. Termites can go undetected for a long period of time, and once you begin to see the actual physical damage they cause it is often too late. As experts, we understand termites’ habits and populations and can give you the information you need to prevent a problem before it starts.

Holder’s own Jeff Keller, Associate Certified Entomologist and Regional Manager, will be presenting an educational session on how to ‘Protect your Project from Termite Destruction’ on Wednesday, August 16th, from 11:00 am – 12:00 pm. Often, the best termite prevention methods are found in examining the type of construction on which the structure is built. Keller will discuss the various types of treatments that correspond to the each type of construction, as well as other preventative techniques.

If you are interested in hearing Holder’s talk or stopping by our booth, make sure you have registered online to attend the Build Expo! If you can’t make it but want to learn more about termite control for construction and building, you can contact us for more information.