We get a number of calls regarding pigeon and bird control for Houston warehouses. As you might know, it isn’t just their unsightliness that causes an issue, but also the health and safety risks birds pose. Most of the calls we get are complaints about pigeons outside of a building (in gutters, drains, or other open places), but occasionally, they do venture inside too.

Here are some things to consider if you are finding pigeons in and around your facility:

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Pigeon Nesting Outside of Building

Finding pigeons outside of your business or commercial facility isn’t the worst thing that can happen (better than inside, right?), but it can be a nuisance, especially if you have customers on your property. It can also lead to safety risks because pigeon droppings are slippery and make your building look like it’s in disrepair, even when it isn’t. There are several reasons pigeons may have selected the outside of your building as their hangout spot. If they are there during the day, they have probably found that your building has a good vantage point for a food source, especially if you are a food processing industry. If you are finding droppings, but no pigeons, you may have a more serious problem. Nighttime roosters (and breeders) will stay for 8-10 hours at a time and leave behind more of a mess to clean, whereas daytime pigeons are typically in and out.


Pigeons Inside Your Building

Pigeons and other birds find their way inside of warehouses more often than you would think. Warehouses are easily accessible, with wide doors and loading docks that may stay open for an extended period and provide an entrance. Pigeons also benefit from shelter, protection from predators, and virtually unlimited places to roost and breed inside your facility. Depending on if you are third-party audited or not, the outcome of a bird in your warehouse can run the gamut from being a distraction to employees, especially when operating heavy machinery, all the way to the risk of failing an audit or losing significant income due to the damage birds can cause with their feces, feathers and habits.

Controlling Warehouse Birds

The most important way to get rid of pigeons is to eliminate what attracts them in the first place, such as water sources outside, landscaping with trees and shrubs close to the building, nearby garbage and clogged gutters/drains.

Once you have a problem, pigeons are very difficult to get rid of. Even after removal, they are known to return for generations.  The most effective means for removal is to get in touch with a pest control company immediately. We employ several bird control methods here at Holder’s:

  • Bird repellents
  • Breeding interruption
  • Mechanical exclusion
  • Dispersing agents
  • Habitat modification

Utilizing these techniques, we can build a customized plan just for your property that protects you, your products, patrons and brand. Contact us today for more information.