Now that summer in Houston is in full swing, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing a rise in mosquito populations. Since Houston is ranked as number 7 of the worst U.S. cities with mosquitoes, the threat of Zika and West Nile makes traveling a bit nerve-wracking for out-of-towners. Guests won’t think to factor in their own mosquito prevention methods – so it’s important that you’ve got it covered. Here are few tips and tricks if you’re looking to prevent mosquitoes from running you resort and help put your guests’ minds at ease.

Keep water moving

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Mosquitoes can breed in as little as one teaspoon full of water, so be conscious of places where standing water may accumulate after rainfall. Objects that may fill up include dumpsters, drains, ditches, gutters, and holes in the ground. If you do have ponds or lakes, boats and fountains can help to keep this water moving.

Keep grass cut and landscaping trimmed

The heat during the day can cause mosquitoes to become quickly dehydrated, which is why they enjoy shaded, tall, grassy areas to hide out when they’re not out hunting at dusk or dawn. Make sure you keep your lawns and landscaping well-trimmed to avoid infestation in these areas.

Introduce natural mosquito killers

Besides eliminating breeding grounds, you may also want to try introducing natural predators for mosquitoes. This doesn’t mean you have to bring bats onto your property, although they are a common predator. There are other predators of mosquitoes, including dragonflies, frogs, and certain types of fish and birds. Additionally, certain plants like citronella tend to be natural mosquito repellents.

Provide complimentary insect repellent

Your guests shouldn’t have to constantly worry about protecting themselves from mosquito bites. By providing complimentary bug spray, it tells your guests that you care about their experience and have made the effort to deliver a worry-free environment.

These chemical-free remedies can help to prevent mosquito populations by attacking their breeding grounds and making your property less inviting. This is often more effective than killing the adults, but if you already have a full-blown invasion on your hands, it’s time to call the experts.

Holder’s Pest Solutions offers mosquito treatments to help minimize the populations of mosquitoes during special events and everyday activities at your resort. Our solutions are designed to suit your business’ needs specifically because we understand that mosquito populations can vary dramatically from place to place. To learn more about mosquito control for your business, please contact Holder’s Pest Solutions today!