We have all had those nights where we hear a bump in the night and fear the worst – a burglar invading our home, our safe haven. But we don’t think of the silent invaders, the ones that pose a potentially bigger financial risk. Yes, we are talking about termites in Texas. These wood destroying insects often eat your home’s structure from the inside out, without showing any signs of their destruction until it’s too late. Termite damage can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs once the destruction is uncovered.

Termites feed on dead plants and trees, which includes the wood structure that makes up your home. They build their subterranean homes in soil, and because they are social insects, there are usually thousands of termites within a colony. To gain access to your home, termites will build an elaborate system of mud tunnels. When they reach your home, they will penetrate a weak or water damaged section of wood. Once they get into the wood, they will eat it from the inside out, leaving a hollow shell behind.

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Would you be able to identify a termite or signs of termites in your home? Many people have no idea what they look like and cannot recognize that an issue exists, even when it is directly under their nose. These insects do leave behind some signs of their presence. Here are some helpful tips to help you identify termites and the damage they cause from the Houston pest control professionals at Holder’s.

Signs of termite damage can include:

  • Mud tunnels along walls or your foundation
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped
  • Wood that looks water damaged or warped
  • Window and door frames that appear to sag
  • Discarded wings that belong to the reproductive termites (these wings shed after the termites ‘swarm’)

Although it is still technically winter, spring is right around the corner and with spring comes termite swarming season. Although these insects will swarm at other times of the year as well, spring is typically when these insects will fly out of their colonies to search for mates. Do you think you’ve seen termites around, but then think they could be ants? Although they may look like ants on first glance, their creamy color can help differentiate them from ants in your home. Check out our termite identification page for more information on how to identify these insects; with three different castes that come in all different sizes, it can be a challenge.

To protect your home from a possible termite invasion, the termite control professionals at Holder’s can help! We offer both commercial and residential termite control in Houston, and we have for over 60 years! When you contact us for a termite treatment, we will send out a state certified termite identification expert to thoroughly inspect for termites and the damage they cause. If termites are located, an initial treatment will be delivered and then we will provide continued treatment on a yearly contract basis. Whether you prefer conventional liquid barrier termite treatments or baiting, we can provide the termite solution for you.

Contact us today for more information on our termite services and to schedule your first inspection. It’s time to take control of the structure of your home!