As the progression of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the safety of our customers and employees remain our highest priority. While we all practice social distancing, pests will be doing just the opposite – they will be moving around, ready to join you inside your home.

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In order to maintain the protective barrier around your home, your Holder’s technician will be out to do service on the exterior of your home in the coming months. Not only is exterior service a best practice for home pest management, it is also the best way to protect your home and family while adhering to social distancing.

Should you have an active pest infestation inside your home, our technician will perform service inside if it is safe to do so for both you and our technician. They will utilize additional personal protective equipment as needed and adhere to CDC and WHO guidelines. They will not, however, enter your home for proactive treatments, as the exterior service will provide the coverage you need.

Stay healthy and safe in these uncertain times!