Pesky, invasive ants are nothing new to the residents of Texas. They can be seen marching across lawns like a mighty army as well as coming into your home through the tiniest opening. Argentine ants and pharaoh ants are no more than 1/16 of an inch long, making access into your home possible through window screens and under doors. Having been in business since 1947, Holder’s Pest Solutions is equipped with the expertise, training, and knowledge pertinent to every situation and need of our clients. Contact Holder’s today and arrange for the services of one of our certified Master IPM Specialists and licensed fumigators.

At Holder’s, we also understand the value of prevention. There are several common ant prevention techniques that will help keep ants from being a problem in your residence and commercial locations.

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Remember that almost all ants help themselves to your home by coming in from the outdoors.

  1. Make sure all gaps are sealed around your doors and windows as an ant can gain access through the tiniest of cracks.
  2. Keep the immediate area around your foundation clean and free of anything that will attract ants. This could include anything from dead vegetation, mulch, and stacks of wood.

The inside of homes and businesses can be a paradise for all species of ants if certain precautionary methods are not put in place.

  1. Make sure your trash can has a lid on it and empty it often.
  2. Store all food in enclosed containers, leaving no food sitting out uncovered.
  3. It only takes a small amount of crumbs on the floor to attract ants. Keep the area under your stove and refrigerator and baseboard swept clean. Thoroughly clean up any spilled drinks immediately.
  4. Ants are attracted to moisture so routinely inspect under all sinks, behind toilets, and around bathtubs for any leaks or buildup of condensation.
  5. Inspect and seal electrical line entrances to your house as well as electrical equipment. Some ants, especially the red imported fire ant, like warm areas and have been known to cause equipment failure when inhabiting these areas.

As the weather in Texas starts to really warm up, begin your preventative measures to keep pesky insects such as crazy ants, pavement ants, argentine ants, and pharaoh ants out of your home and business. Houston pest control is on everyone’s mind this time of year and Holder’s Total Home Pest Protection program has designed a convenient and effective program to protect you and your property.

Contact us today for professional ant control in Houston, Austin, San Antonio and throughout our South Texas service area.