Every year the National Pest Management Association designates the month of April as National Pest Management Month and this year is no exception. As Holder’s Pest Solutions recognizes April as such, we felt it an opportune time to recognize the role that the pest control industry plays in protecting people and property from pests. And, because springtime pests are making their debut, we also felt a little advice on pest prevention would be helpful.

Rodents and termites in Texas are capable of causing major damage to structures, are responsible for creating electrical hazards and are a serious threat to the health of your home.  Likewise, mice and other rodents as well as cockroaches and flies can make your family members and even pets ill.  It’s no wonder even the smallest of pests are considered a nuisance.  At Holder’s, we realize just how harmful insects and rodents are to your well-being and we strive to protect homes and businesses in Houston with effective pest control services that eliminate current pest problems as well as future pest activity.

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Of course, the best way to control unwanted pests is to prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place.  With that in mind, Holder’s has a few spring pest prevention tips:

  • Seal off any cracks or holes on the exterior of your home. This includes making sure that all screens fit tightly and have no holes or tears.
  • Take trash out regularly and store it in bins with tight-fitting lids to prevent any critters from getting inside.
  • A deep clean of the kitchen will help to prevent some pests from feasting on the build-up of food debris and grease that can occur.
  • Store all food that is in open in containers with tight fitting lids.
  • Trim back shrubs and bushes so they are not touching the side of the structure; these shrubs can create a bridge for many pests to walk right inside.
  • Always maintain your professional pest control services to keep the pests away all year long.

By following these pest prevention tips you will not only be an active participant in National Pest Management Month, but you will increase the chances of avoiding the threat of pests infesting your property. If you have any questions about invading pests in Houston, or would like more information on the home pest control services offered at Holder’s Pest Solutions, contact us today!