Bugs and rodents love dark, secluded areas, and that just happens to be where we typically store our decoration boxes. This can make for an unwanted holiday surprise–if you know what I mean. So, let’s examine five ways you can have a pest-free holiday.

Tip number one.

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How you store decorations is most important. If you haven’t already, invest in large, hard plastic bins. Rodents and bugs are able to chew through cardboard and slip through the tiniest of gaps where cardboard flaps are folded together on the top. Even if you tape your boxes closed, a curious pest can still get in.

Tip number two.

If you must use cardboard, look for evidence of tampering. If you have rodents or roaches, you’ll find their droppings around the boxes and chew holes in them. Look closely, these holes can be tiny. If you have spiders, you may find webbing near or on the outside of the boxes.

Tip number three.

If you keep your boxes in a shed or garage, it is never a good idea to open those decoration boxes inside. Opening them outside to check for pets first, could save you from an infestation in your home.

Tip number four.

If you’re not able to store decorations in hard plastic, consider parting with homemade decorations made from food. Decorations that are made from food and sweets lure pests into holidays boxes. Pests can smell food sources from quite a distance.

Tip number five.

If you are bringing a live tree into your home, be sure to shake it out. Many insects put their nests inside the boughs of trees. The last thing you need on Christmas morning is a hundred baby spiders crawling up your walls.

To pest proof any home, it takes a little effort and a little money. Get advice from a pest control company and find out how easy it is to exclude pests from your holiday festivities. Living with bugs and rodents is a thing of the past, you don’t have to live with them anymore. Make your Christmas a little brighter, and a little less creepy.

If you have a pest problem this holiday season and want to keep them away, contact Holder’s to help find a solution.