Why Choose Holder’s?

Holder’s provides superior service and quality pest management solutions built on integrity for all commercial, industrial and institutional facilities, as well as homes and multi-unit housing properties.

Client-Focused Relationships

Holder’s is a client-driven organization with a focus on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations.

When you partner with Holder’s, our team goes to work creating a relationship that is a true strategic partnership. Our goal is to retain your business long into the future by providing the best service, reducing your risk and protecting your family, investment or brand.

Local Expertise

Holder’s is part of the most extensive group of technical experts in the industry — internationally recognized in the pest management industry for being leaders in research, training and education. As a Holder’s client, you can expect:

  • Technical expertise
  • A service program supported by a vast network of knowledge
  • IPM service specialists trained in the most advanced pest management techniques

Consistent Communication And Documentation

As an innovator in providing unparalleled pest management solutions, Holder’s utilizes a proprietary, electronic data reporting system called RapidTrax®.  RapidTrax provides you with a wide range of options for communication, documentation and monitoring of your program’s effectiveness. These include:

  • Electronic service reports
  • Web-based data reporting
  • Triggered deficiency notices

Our Quality Standards Guarantee Performance

We ensure the exceptional quality of our service through a strict adherence to an established set of performance standards. These standards are upheld by all our employees, and verified by our Quality Assurance Department. The Quality Assurance Department employs full-time auditors with years of experience in the pest management industry. They perform regular client satisfaction phone surveys, annual corporate reviews, ongoing quality audits and reviews of those audits for our clients, big and small.

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  “He’s prompt and extremely professional, making sure to speak with either myself or my engineer before leaving to ensure there haven’t been issues since his last visit.”

-Holly B, Houston, TX


“We are not only satisfied with your service, but also appreciate your staff. Walter really does a good job during treatments.”

-Alice C, Houston, TX

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