""Why termites choose to infest your warehouse rather than the manufacturing plant down the street often comes down to conducive conditions found in and around your facility. Termites, like virtually all pests, are opportunists and will infest the structure that offers them the easiest path of resistance, and provides them with food, moisture and shelter.

In its years of inspecting and treating commercial structures for termites, Holder’s Pest Solutions’ has identified the root causes of termite infestations inside and outside of structure:

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Structure Exterior:

  • Wood to earth contact
  • Siding less than 6 inches above grade level
  • Brick veneer construction
  • Clogged gutters
  • Cracks in foundation wall
  • Overhanging or attached foliage
  • Sprinkling or watering system hitting or within 18 inches of structure
  • Cracks in wood siding (drywood termites)

Structure Interior:

  • Hollow block foundation
  • Protrusions through slab
  • Stress cracks in slab and foundation
  • Debris left in bath traps
  • Window frames below grade
  • Embedded posts or partition walls
  • Inadequate clearance/ventilaiton in crawl space or attic

Construction Type:

  • Standard slab on grade
  • Post tensioned slab
  • Monolithic slab
  • Basement
  • Combination

To learn more about termites and how to prevent them, Download Holder’s free e-book, “The Impact of Termites on Commercial Facilities”, here.