Houston, we have a problem! The city and surrounding communities has been taken over by roaches and rats… or at least it seems that way in recent weeks. Here at Holder’s Pest Solutions, we’re seeing an increased number of calls about these two pests and unfortunately, they are both a threat to people and property. Let’s take a closer look them, shall we?

Sadly there are three types or roaches that cause problems for Houston homes and businesses; they are the American cockroach, German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach.

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American Roaches

The largest house infesting roach in the U.S., these critters prefer warm, humid areas and tend to hang out inside in dark, secluded areas. Though American cockroaches are more likely to show up in warmer climes, they can survive at lower temps.

German Roaches

Despite their small size, German roaches are troublesome. They love to infest multi-family dwellings and are apt to frequent drawers, cabinets and counter tops. Attracted to soap, glue and toothpaste, German roaches have even been known to feed on food residue on people’s faces as they sleep.

Oriental Roaches

This type of roach hides in damp, dark locations including behind walls, in crawl spaces and in floor drains. It has a fondness for decaying matter and will feast wherever it can. Additionally Oriental roaches love starch.

Though they have different behaviors, these disgusting creatures also have a few things in common. All are known carriers of many pathogens and bacteria and are capable of making people sick. They can also transmit parasitic worms.

Rats like roaches are a significant threat to health; they’re also dangerous to structures. Very social critters, if you see one you can be sure that there are more nearby. Here in Houston, there are a couple of rats that you should be aware of, they are the Norway rat and the Roof rat.

Norway Rats

Unlike mice, these rodents are large. At 7 – 9 inches long and a tail length averaging between 6 – 8 inches, you don’t want to run into one in your home or even a dark alley. Norway rats are not good climbers so you’re more likely to see them in basements and lower level floors. They also nest behind walls and in crawl spaces.

Roof Rats

Another large rodent, roof rats are approximately 16” long. This measurement includes their tail, which are longer than their bodies. As their name suggests, roof rats are often found in attics and upper level floors. They are great climbers that will also nest in attics, above ceilings and other secluded spots. They nest in attics, above ceilings, and behind walls.

Rats in Houston and in general are known for their destructive qualities. Accessing homes and buildings through holes as small as ½ inch, rats damage building materials as well as possessions. In commercial facilities, they may also contaminate products. Rats are also a threat to health and may spread disease as well as introduce fleas, ticks and other parasites.

While roaches and rats in Houston are not pleasant to talk about, they are a serious problem and one that the pest control professionals at Holder’s can help with. We have the knowledge and tools to win the battle against these pests, no matter how bad of a problem you might have.

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