While we are amidst holiday travel season, it’s important for business owners to keep bed bug control top of mind. As many know, the more people in one place, the easier it is for bed bugs to hitchhike to their next victim. One common misconception is that hotels and apartment buildings are the only high-risk environments for bed bugs. While it’s true these are susceptible to infestations, there are a variety of other commercial environments that are highly vulnerable too, such as:

  • Hospitals""
  • Salons/Spas
  • Office buildings
  • Public transportation
  • Schools
  • Child care centers
  • Assisted living facilities

This list is not comprehensive – many types of places can develop a bed bug problem so long as the bed bug carrier is in close proximity to other individuals and personal items. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to prevent bed bugs in the first place. However, you can stay prepared by frequently checking vulnerable areas and have a treatment plan if problems arise.

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Be sure to check:

  • The seams of chairs and couches, including office chairs
  • The folds of curtains
  • Electrical receptacles and appliances
  • Under loose wallpaper and wall hanging
  • Under floor crown molding and carpets
  • Inside nightstands and drawers
  • And, of course, on mattresses and mattress seams

How to train your staff:

At the end of the day, detection is prevention as there is no real way to stop bed bugs from settling in. That’s why it is recommended that your staff knows where to look for bed bugs, as well as how to handle potential complaints – as this can make or break your chance for customers to return. It’s also wise to schedule a training session for your employees and your pest control partner so they have the tools necessary to protect your establishment.

Handling complaints:

You and your staff should have a protocol in place in the chance that a customer does make a complaint about bed bugs. That could be compensation, advice on how to handle their belongings, or how to document their complaint. Even if your guest decides not to come back, you may save yourself from a bad review and protect your brand’s image.

During peak bed bug season, we highly recommend you seek out a pest management professional to assist in training you and your staff and to run routine checks. Contact Holder’s today for more information on our bed bug services.