When the time has come for another food safety audit, your pest management program is going to spend some time in the spotlight. In fact, your pest control score can account for up to 20 percent of your facility’s total score. When the success of your food safety audit can be a make or break for your operation, it goes without saying you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. We’ve outlined some critical steps you can take, with the help of your pest management partner, in preparation for your next food safety audit.

Review Audit Requirements

You’ll want to review the requirements of your audit with your pest control specialist to ensure you’re fully prepared. Making sure you are both on the same page in your preparation simplifies the process and will make everything more efficient. This should be done regularly as audit requirements may change.

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Review Documentation

As thorough documentation is critical for scoring well in your food safety audit, you’ll want to review your logs with your pest control partner in advance. Make sure your pesticide usage logs, pest sighting logs and your facility map are complete and up-to-date. This is also a good time to make sure your Material Safety Data Sheets and labels are documented for all materials used by your pest control company. Additional documentation such as service reports, regular evaluations, and all necessary certifications and license information should also be readily available.

Facility Walk Through

Prior to your audit, performing a facility walk through with your pest control partner will ensure you are fully prepared. You should walk through both the interior and exterior of your facility, checking that all pest control devices are clearly labeled, correctly placed, in accordance with requirements, and identified accurately in your facility map. Along with checking that all preventative devices meet regulations, you’ll also want to ensure that your facility is free of any evidence of pest activity and ready for your audit. Keeping a clean and litter free space is always a good habit.

Food safety audits are a lot less stressful when you’ve partnered with the right pest control company. Holder’s Pest Solutions has been providing Houston area businesses with the highest level of quality and care since 1947. Our FoodGuard® Integrated Pest Management program has been specially designed to meet the needs of food and beverage processing plants. Contact our commercial pest control specialists for more information today!