Due to advancements in natural pest control and an increase in regulatory requirements food and beverage processing facilities are shifting from practice of responding to pest problems, to one that is proactive in preventing them. With modern Integrated Pest Management, facility operators are now able to effectively and safely keep pests from spreading disease and illness to the products they produce.

Increasing inspections, more stringent rules, government imposed recalls, overseas food shipments being stopped, plant shutdowns, and increased requirements for documented pest control makes it more important than ever for food processing facilities to add Integrated Pest Management. Let’s take a look at the dangers pests pose, and how cutting edge natural pest prevention keeps businesses safe, and up to code.

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Health officials know that IPM is safer and more eco-friendly. Companies that the government feels are “low risk” get fewer inspections.

With an IPM plan, all regulatory and inspection standards are met.

Effective IPM requires extensive and accurate documentation, most of which is done digitally. Traps measure the number and variety of pests attempting to enter your facility, and policies are in place to deal with those threats. IPM documentation far surpasses government requirements.

IPM is a proactive form of pest control that puts a high value on sealing entry points and utilizes sanitation, inspections, strategic trapping, and education, to control all problem pests.

Water sources are removed or protected, so that pests can’t use them. Food sources are cleaned up or protected so that pests are not drawn in or sustained. And all exterior walls are closely inspected and sealed.

IPM guards against rodents, pest birds, cockroaches, flies, ants, and other key pests, through natural deterrents, structural modifications, and proper sanitation.

If you are responsible for quality control in a food processing plant in Texas, get your facility online, with cutting-edge pest technology and smarter way of doing pest control. Holder’s Pest Solutions make the transition easy, with their streamlined administrative structure and Signature Care IPM Service Specialists. Protect your brand, safeguard the security of your food, strengthen your supply chain, and make sure your facility always exceeds regulatory standards. It starts with a phone call.

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