Due to the higher than normal amounts of rain this year, one problem that many may not have expected to follow was the abundance of crickets in Texas. These chirping critters have found their way into homes and are irritating Texans with all the noise they make. Have you found crickets trying to invade your home?

Often confused with grasshoppers, crickets are a similar insect with long antenna and jumping hind legs. They do not cause harm to humans (although some species may bite) but they are well known for their loud chirping noises that can become very annoying when inside of a home. It used to be thought that the chirping noise was from rubbing their legs together but in fact it comes from rubbing their wings in an attempt for the males to attract females.

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Most species of crickets enjoy moist environments, which is why they tend to move toward properties and even the inside of homes that offer the ideal conditions. Since Texas saw so much rain earlier this year, cricket populations really boomed and now some are beginning to find them a nuisance around their property and even inside of their homes. The good news is that there are some ways to prevent crickets from getting inside.

  1. Keep areas near your home and inside of your home free of excess moisture.
  2. Avoid dense vegetation by keeping the lawn mowed and weeds pulled.
  3. Store firewood away from the house and up off the ground, which can house crickets.
  4. Keep trash receptacles far from the house, as crickets love to feed on decaying materials.
  5. Seal off any cracks or crevices on the exterior of the home that crickets could use to get inside.

To avoid the loud chirping of crickets as well as their attempts to eat some of your belongings such as fabrics or paper goods, it is important that you stay on alert for the loud chirping of crickets near your home or especially inside. If you do happen to notice a few crickets inside, be sure to contact our Texas pest control pros right away so that we can help you quickly get rid of crickets inside your Houston home.

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