It is hard to quantify the monetary cost of rodent damage to commercial facilities in the United States. These invasive pests, which include the Norway rat (Rat-tus norvegicus), the roof rat (Rattus rattus), and the house mouse (Mus musculus), can have many damaging effects on a facility. The more a facility deals in farming, food processing, and storage, the greater the effect.

How do rodents hurt commercial facilities?

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  • Gnawing on insulation and wiring, which makes them a fire hazard, and costing business thousands in energy loss.
  • Getting into machinery, resulting in system failure.
  • Causing shutdowns and mechanical malfunctions that can cost a company thousands of dollars over night.
  • Weakening concrete slabs by burrowing under walkways.
  • Weakening support beams by chewing through wood.
  • Contaminating air ducts with hair, feces, and urine.
  • Contaminating food sources with diseases like Salmonella, typhimurium, S. dublin, and the Hantavirus.
  • Spreading bacteria to food and surfaces.
  • Damaging brand and reputation.

Rodent Control

It can be very difficult to control rodents in a facility. Rodents can infest from the basement all the way up into the rafters. And, facilities that have large amounts of grain and food sources laying around have well-fed rodents that are less likely to go after bait. Thorough rodent exclusion requires a modern Integrated Pest Management approach, and a company that has the structure and professionalism to guide a facility toward complete exclusion of rodent pests.

What company is the right company?

A company like Holder’s Pest Solutions in Texas takes the guess work out. They offer a 125% guarantee. After 90 days if you aren’t completely satisfied with the service you receive, they will refund 125% of all fees paid. This is the kind of guarantee your company deserves. Make sure whatever pest management company you use backs their product with a similar guarantee.

If you are not in the service area of Holder’s Pest Solutions, look for a pest control company with their credentials.

  • A company that is aggressive about exploring and implementing alternatives to chemical treatments.
  • A Leader in the use of Integrated Pest Management.
  • In business over 60 years (or at least two decades).
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Certified technicians.
  • A reputation for outstanding customer service.
  • Money back guarantee.

Don’t let rodents damage your business. Implement a comprehensive control program that works by hiring a pest management company that gets the job done right.

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