10 05, 2013

Houston Pest Control Pros On Bat Exclusion

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Bats get a bad rep for their status as a pest inside of business facilities across Texas. Not only are they capable of causing damage to structures after roosting and leaving their urine and feces, but they can also transmit several pathogens. Bats in your Texas facility or any type of property where people congregate for that matter are a serious health hazard and should be taken care of right away.

25 09, 2012

Slithering Snakes Of Texas

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A commonly feared pest to many Texas homeowners are snakes. These slithering creatures can be found all over the state including homes, farms, woods, and even in urban areas. And between the venom, the bites, and the constricting habits of snakes, it’s no wonder they stir up fear in most. So you are fully aware of what types of the snakes are lurking in your backyard, the Houston pest control pros at Holder’s Pest Solutions have some information on the common snakes found in Texas.

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