Roof rat in Texas

Roof Rat

Roof Rats

What Do Roof Rats Look Like?

Roof rats have soft and smooth fur, a pointed muzzle with large eyes and large, almost naked ears that can be pulled over the eyes.  They are brown with black mixed in, or sometimes gray to black on top with white and a gray or black underside. The head and body length of an adult roof rat is about 6 to 8 inches long and the tail length is 7 to 10 inches in length.  They range from about 5 ounces up to 12 ounces.  

Why Do I Have A Roof Rat Problem?

Roof rats are a common rodent problem in coastal and southern states, especially near seaports.  Roof rats can are often found nesting high up in trees, but also in burrows under plants.  They are also likely to infest basements, areas under buildings and sewers as well as higher places in structures.  If your property provides the essentials such a food, water and shelter, you could develop a rat problem. 

What Kind Of Threat Do Roof Rats Pose?

Roof rats may cause damage by gnawing through walls, wiring, pipes and other important parts of your structure.  They will eat your stored food and contaminate it with their feces. They have the ability to spread disease through their urine and their droppings as well as through their bites and the fleas and mites that may be hiding in their fur.  

How Do I Control Roof Rats?

To find out how Holder’s Pest Solutions can help you get rid of roof rats in Houston, please contact us today.