Meadow Vole in Houston TX

Meadow Vole

Meadow Voles

What Do Meadow Voles Look Like?

Meadow voles, also sometimes called meadow mice or just plain “voles”, are small mammals, usually between 5 inches and 8 inches long, including the tail. They have a compact and fat little body with short legs and a short furry tail, small eyes and partially hidden ears. They have long and coarse fur that is usually blackish brown to grayish brown.  

Why Do I Have A Meadow Vole Problem?

Meadow voles can be found all over the world and throughout Texas.  They are often on your property to feed on plants and vegetation.  They have a preference for grasses, herbaceous plants, bulbs and tubers during the summer and bark and tree roots in the winter. In favorable conditions their populations can increase rapidly and in under a year, a vole population can quickly go from 2 to more than 100.

What Kind Of Threat Do Meadow Voles Pose?

Voles occasionally roam inside but the main concern is the damage they cause to lawns and vegetation.  Voles live on the surface of the ground, creating little round tunnels in grassy vegetation. They can cause severe damage, especially during winter when they're active under snow cover. Vole damage is most noticeable in early spring after the snow melts. It's hard to miss their surface runways which leave a ragged, chewed-up appearance in lawns or grassy areas.

How Do I Control Meadow Voles?

Voles are not a pest most property owners or managers are successful in eradicating without professional help.  If you have noticed signs of voles or other rodents, or just want to learn more about vole control for your property in Houston or elsewhere in the surrounding areas, contact Holder’s Pest Solutions today.